CVCheck integrates with LinkedIn Talent Hub

CVCheck is excited to announce becoming an integration partner of LinkedIn Talent Hub. The LinkedIn Talent Hub integration with CVCheck gives you the ability to streamline you hiring workflow by providing background check functionality from within the LinkedIn Talent Hub platform.

How is this collaboration a win for our customers?

CVCheck is the first background screening company in APAC region to integrate with LinkedIn Talent Hub.

The integration showcases enhancements added to CVCheck’s platform that enable the automated ‘self-serve’ onboarding of small businesses from LinkedIn Talent Hub.

The background screening integrations within LinkedIn Talent Hub extend the end-to-end and frictionless offering for employers and talent firms, particularly for smaller companies.

About LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions delivers products that make it easier for recruiters, hiring managers, talent and HR professionals to plan, hire and develop talent.

Combining access to real-time professional data and insights with cutting-edge AI and machine-learning capabilities, LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers a suite of products that allows talent professionals to identify and engage talent with the highest potential, and empower their organisations.

LinkedIn Talent Hub is the only ATS built on the LinkedIn network. With more than 645 million members, LinkedIn Talent Hub allows customers to source, manage, hire and now screen in one integrated platform.

Why are we building this alliance? 

At CVCheck we’re always looking for ways to make our current client’s hiring process as easy and quick as possible, and reduce or remove any employment related risk to their business. LinkedIn Talent Hub gives CVCheck access to a global market of talent recruiters, giving CVCheck the opportunity to help in the hiring process, within LinkedIn platform.

A word from our leadership and LinkedIn

“Partnering with CVCheck helps businesses to further streamline the candidate hiring experience. With the CVCheck integration, companies in APAC can now run background checks in LinkedIn Talent Hub, saving companies time and creating great efficiencies, ” said Katherine Tsay, Business Development at LinkedIn.

Rod Sherwood, CEO of CVCheck, said: “This integration is a major step forward for CVCheck. LinkedIn Talent Hub is a global platform, giving CVCheck access to global employers and talent firms. LinkedIn Talent Hub targets companies below 1,000 employees, so this was a natural fit for both companies, as CVCheck focuses on growing its B2B customer base.

“The benefit of this integration to any of CVCheck’s customers who use LinkedIn Talent Hub, or to any new potential customers via this platform, is that it streamlines the recruitment process for small-medium businesses. They can now more easily complete their entire recruitment process (including verification checks) from one platform, including signup/login, order and paying straight from the Talent Hub – no configurations needed.

“The API integration also demonstrates CVCheck’s platform scalability and IT development agility, in creating in a relatively short time a new API interface to support small businesses to ‘self-serve’ their candidate screening and verification.  This integration cements CVCheck’s leadership position in the background screening industry across Australia and New Zealand, its platform scalability and inter-operability.

“CVCheck will also be included in LinkedIn Talent Hub marketplace which promotes HR technology vendors that LinkedIn has partnered or integrated with.”

If you would like to find out more about our integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub, read here.

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