CVCheck and Xref alliance a win for employers

Today we are excited to announce our strategic alliance with Xref. This unique collaboration is a result of our joint commitment to delivering the best customer experience and the most comprehensive service offering in the industry.

Under the agreement, customers will be able to order CVCheck background checks within the Xref platform. Similarly, Xref’s reference checks will be available inside CVCheck’s screening platform.

How is this collaboration a win for our customers?

CVCheck’s mission is to give employers the power and convenience of ordering all their candidate screening in one place. However, many of our customers use both Xref and CVCheck which meant they had to switch between platforms, or they were forced to choose.

Customers will soon get seamless access to both sets of products whether they use Xref’s application, CVCheck’s platform, or both.

CVCheck’s existing reference checking products will continue to be available to both current and future customers.

Why are we building this alliance? 

The alliance is a response to clear demand from clients for a best-of-breed solution to all candidate verification requirements, across the ANZ region.

Both companies are dominant in the market, and this alliance creates a powerful multi-platform reach that builds on each of our strengths and offers our customers even more choice and flexibility to choose the products and services they want on the platform they prefer.  

A joint go-to-market strategy has been agreed among our teams, which will inform how the sales and customer success teams take the new offering to potential and our current clients.

While the focus of the alliance is to address a need in the ANZ region, global Xref clients will also benefit from CVCheck’s ability to procure checks from around the world. 

This alliance with Xref further strengthens our position of delivering multiple checks on one platform.

What our clients are saying

Fletcher Building Australia, Shandell Riley, Talent Acquisition Manager “We currently use CVCheck and Xref in various parts of our business and the decision to move to a single platform solution will certainly be beneficial to us.  More options and easier access!” 

Brennan IT, Adam Crofts, Head of Talent Acquisition and Engagement “As a leading Managed Service Provider, we need to ensure we have done all checks and measures before hiring any candidate and currently, Brennan IT uses both Xref and CVCheck to do so. In a talent short and very competitive employment market we need to act with urgency to make offers to the best talent in the market. Both Xref and CVCheck have time saving and, what I would regard as, best in class solutions to help talent acquisition make confident hiring decisions. The alliance between Xref and CVCheck signals the start of something extremely exciting and valuable to both Brennan IT and the industry as a whole.” 

A word from our leadership and Xref

Rod Sherwood, CVCheck CEO said: Xref and CVCheck are leading people risk management providers across ANZ, building trust in business through the provision of verified information and checks for both employees and contractors. Our two companies have been winning clients in our marketplace through one common feature: delivering very high-quality customer service that is enabled by technology. There has been long held demand amongst the Xref client base for products offered by CVCheck and more recently demand has been identified amongst CVCheck clients for product now available in Xref. Our work has already begun on bringing mutual benefit to both client bases.” 

Ivan Gustavino, CVCheck Non-Executive Chair, said: “CVCheck has announced that one of our strategic growth pillars is to partner with appropriate entities or platforms. Strategically aligning with Xref demonstrates great leadership and the desire to offer the best experience and highest level of service for our customers.  It also demonstrates the scalability and flexibility of the CVCheck platform. This alliance is expected to prove very positive for the Company’s growth trajectory.” 

Xref Executive Director / CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour said: “Having co-existed with CVCheck in the ANZ market for some time, we’ve always had a healthy level of competition, as well as admiration for the level of service we each provide clients. We have a mutual appreciation for the importance of continually expanding on the value we offer, and this agreement is a mark of that shared commitment. For us, customer service has always been our number one priority and all our integrations are completed on the basis that the service offered to our clients will only be positively impacted. We are excited and confident about the experience our clients will have when using Xref and CVCheck together. It’s a natural strategic alliance that’s going to offer unbeatable value to the region.” 

We’ll keep you informed of our progress

Our joint announcement today kicks off the collaboration, and we will be working with Xref on the technical requirements of the integration, aiming to share more details on the collaboration, the integration progress and how this impacts you early next year.  If you use either CVCheck’s or Xref’s services and would like to be kept-up-to-date with news about this partnership, sign up below to receive our communications so we can email you the latest progress updates.

Read the full stock exchange announcement here.

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