CVCheck and LiveHire integration streamlines talent management

How is this collaboration a win for our customers?

CVCheck’s integration with the LiveHire platform delivers a streamlined, one-stop shop for identifying and securing the best talent for your organisation.

This seamless, two-way integration provides hiring teams with the ability for users to:

  • Add the relevant checks and assessments directly to the job vacancy on the LiveHire platform
  • Customise background checking packages to suit individual business needs
  • Track progress and access candidate results from within the LiveHire platform
  • Validate candidates’ credentials faster
  • Save on administration time by removing the need to double handle candidate data

Why are we building this alliance?

With shared ambition to ensure clients have the resources to make smarter, more informed hiring decisions, this integration delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to validate a candidates’ job readiness faster. For clients, this means faster time-to-hire, a more comprehensive people risk management solution and a reduction in hiring and administration costs. For talent, this drastically improves the candidate experience, allowing them to align more positively with your brand.

About LiveHire

LiveHire is an award-winning talent acquisition and engagement platform that revolutionises the candidate experience and enables businesses to thrive with talent on demand. Their Talent Acquisition and Engagement platform delivers a proactive sourcing and talent mobility solution called Live Talent Communities. The platform makes managing the flow of talent into and through businesses seamless, delivering value through detailed visibility of talent, shifting recruitment from reactive to proactive, improving fit, reducing time and cost to hire, with an unrivalled candidate experience. Founded in 2011, LiveHire is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne, with offices also in Sydney and Perth.

A word from our leadership

Rod Sherwood, CEO at CVCheck, said; “CVCheck and LiveHire deliver very high-quality customer service that is enabled by technology designed to delight our customers. We build trust in the employee and contractor workforce through the provision of leading people risk management software and must-have information. I’m thrilled with how our two teams have embraced collaborating to bring mutual benefit to both client bases.”

Alastair Schirmer, Product Partnership and Solutions Director at LiveHire, said; “Our integration experience with CVCheck has been fantastic on all fronts – collaborative, seamless & outcome focused. We love partnering with innovative & Australian based technology to deliver efficiency for our mutual customers. Verifying the background of new employees is such an important risk management consideration for businesses, so I’m very excited to be partnering with the leader in this category, CVCheck, as it will bring a lot of value to our customers in common.”

If you would like to find out more about CVCheck’s integration with LiveHire, read here.

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