Curtin University shines a light on the CVCheck story

Curtin University’s Growth Ignition Program is an annual event held in Perth, run by the Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship. CVCheck participated in the very first Curtin Growth Ignition in 2011. The program is comprised of a blend of practical teaching sessions, expert clinics, mentor sessions and experienced advice and support from leading entrepreneurs and innovators. Its purpose is to guide start-ups in taking their idea to the business world.

CVCheck founder Steve Carolan explains “Ignition was excellent. It helped us focus and gave us a good reality check on our ideas. It also helped us develop the elevator pitch that was all-important in the capital raise. The program was really good; it ticked all the right boxes for us and accelerated our learning. Raising the capital for rapid high growth was all-important for CVCheck and it helped point us in the right direction.”

Curtin have just released a range of case studies on successful graduates of Ignition, and CVCheck is honoured to be profiled. You can read the Ignition CVCheck Case Study here.

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