Creativity is found outside your comfort zone: Meet Menuccia Tassone

Let’s start with explaining your role at CVCheck!

I am responsible for the marketing and demand generation at CVCheck. It’s a fairly broad role, ranging from branding through to digital marketing to drive revenue and lead growth, particularly for our individual and small business customers.

Our small but exceptional team look after product marketing, branding, communications, website content, growing customer signups, events (mostly now virtual) and executing digital go-to-market activities for our integration partners. We keep busy!

Tell us about life before CVCheck – what led you here?​

My first job out of university in Perth was face to face selling advertising space – that was a tough gig. After that, I worked at an ad agency before moving to London, where my favourite roles were at Universal Music Group in the digital distribution team (when iPods were revolutionary), and then in-house for eBay in their digital advertising team.

Many years after moving back to Perth (and a couple of great agency gigs later), I was presented with a new role in-house at CVCheck.  It seemed like an exciting opportunity to grow what was a relatively small new business predominantly through digital marketing, and a challenge I was keen to tackle.

Colin Boyan, our Chief Strategy Officer, won me over – I could see how much he and management appreciated the value of marketing and what it would bring to the business, so I was confident we’d be starting from a good place. Setting up an SEO strategy, marketing automation, data analytics, optimising our paid media and working closely with Colin and IT was fantastic, and I’ve now been at CVCheck coming onto 6 years!

What is the best part about working at CVCheck?

Two things. The first is the people – they are so down to earth. They punch well above their weight and are genuinely motivated by the same goal, which is seeing CVCheck succeed. This leads to collaborative problem solving and idea generation.

The second part is the huge potential of this company. Our offering delivers trust, and with that, it’s an open market. We currently play in the recruitment and HR space, but our promise is to create trust between individuals, businesses and partners so if we can continue to unlock value here the opportunity is huge locally and globally.

With these two things in place, I continue to learn and be challenged here.

“I live life urgently in order to make the most out of it – there’s no time like the present! I get a lot of energy from my environment and the people around me. Our team is made up of genuine and wonderful human beings, who make coming to work rewarding and insightful.”

Menuccia Tassone

During your time at CVCheck, how has the company evolved?

We’ve done a lot of growing up! In the marketing team we’ve undergone a massive pivot towards more organic and sustainable marketing activity. Content marketing and SEO have been valuable in our positioning, growth and engagement with customers and potential new audiences.

We have worked hard over the last couple of years to build our profile through thought leadership, and our blog now has interviewees who are nationally and internationally recognised within their field from top recruitment, HR and risk organisations, and they provide incredible insights for our readers.

We’ve partnered with a multitude of leading tech platforms, most notably LinkedIn, which we announced last April. This was a project I was particularly proud of leading, not only because it’s the largest professional network in the world, but also because I worked with a fantastic team on their end.

It’s also been wonderful to see our business development, client services (customer success) and marketing teams work more closely than ever before. We lean on each other for market insights, customer feedback and waaay too many dad jokes.

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation means changing the landscape completely and finding new paths, product solutions, or processes to improve people’s lives.

Innovation is also about brands reinventing themselves. We’ve recently undergone a comprehensive brand strategy review with fantastic external partners, and during this process it was amazing to stop, acknowledge and witness the evolution of our company.

Describe the culture at CVCheck.

It’s genuine, honest, humble and collaborative. We value the importance of different perspectives and insights even when we don’t agree! Like any smaller company there’s no shortage of opportunities to learn things outside of your role and contribute toward new initiatives. I’m a curious (nosey ?) person, so I enjoy this aspect!

Everyone at CVCheck is extremely hard working. For the past three years, we have consistently hit new records and milestones, and recently we were named amongst the top pre-employment and psychometric assessment providers by HRD!

What element of your work do you find to be the most rewarding?

My skill, and what I enjoy, is visualising high-level concepts and business strategy.  Taking that information to form part of executable growth marketing plans, and then watching them pay off through the data is hugely rewarding.

It also motivates me as a manager when I see the team get excited, conceptualising ideas they create and growing them. Enabling people around you to reach their best self professionally is so rewarding – after all, everyone wants to contribute to a bigger picture and purpose.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Last year during COVID I met a fantastic lady (also a certified facilitator of LEGO serious play but that’s another story) who gave me a great piece of advice: address your fear of rejection or failure by going to stand up improv classes! Basically, put yourself out there.

This is still on my to-do list, but in the meantime, I would tell my younger self to stay open to all opportunities, and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Also, ask for help through your network – people like to share their knowledge!

And finally, I’d tell myself that the best creativity can be found outside of my comfort zone.

How do you relax and unwind after a busy workday?

I try to exercise (mainly to make up for my love for food ?). And it clears my head after a hectic day. I also love painting to wind down, something I took up a few years ago.

Over the last ten years since returning from overseas I have loved rediscovering our backyard by taking road trips, spending more time with my wonderful and supportive husband, family and friends, and enjoying some truly delicious food – especially home-cooked!

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