Sole Providers/Traders with a VCA Requirement

If you’re required to comply under the Children’s Act 2014 in order to meet Social Sector Accreditation Standards (SSAS), you’ll need to complete a Children’s Worker Safety Check as a legislative requirement under the Act. To learn more about the legislation and CVCheck’s role in the industry, please see our Children’s Worker Safety Checks page.

Your Children’s Worker Safety Checks

Please note that you’ll need to complete and pay for the order online and provide any additional documentations/ID as required to process these checks.

Once CVCheck has completed all of your Children’s Worker Safety Checks, you will be provided with a Final Assessment which details the outcome of each of your checks. The result of this Final Assessment is either:

  • Clearance to work with children for 3 years; or
  • Notice that your clearance has been declined.

Please provide a copy of this Final Assessment to your MSD Assessor.

Instructions for placing your order

Each Children’s Worker Safety Check package contains different checks depending on your individual circumstances. To assist you select the correct package, please follow the matrix below and click the appropriate link to begin that order. If you need help at any stage, please contact us here.

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