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We are delighted to be integrated with the SnapHire applicant tracking system, to deliver seamless access to all of the CVCheck verification and screening services you use as part of your recruitment process. Reducing effort, and removing the risks associated with re-keying data were key drivers behind our partnership; benefits that we are pleased to be able to share with our mutual customers.

CVCheck’s integration with SnapHire is delivered via the Talent App Store integration platform, delivering instant provisioning, and giving you the confidence that your data is protected by robust API security and identity management.

This is another step in our journey to improving efficiency in the hiring process whilst providing accurate, easy and fast screening and verification services to our customers.

About SnapHire

SnapHire is an award-winning web-based talent management system which offers an ‘off the shelf’ and mature e-recruitment technology platform that incorporates state-of-the-art security, flexibility and performance, enabling efficiency from talent sourcing through to onboarding.

By utilising leading-edge technology and unrivalled customer service and support, our technology enables you to find, hire and retain the best people for your organisation and take control of your own employment branding and recruitment strategies.

Through SnapHire, customers are delivered free access to Talent App Store.

About Talent App Store

Talent App Store is an open integration platform for the development and deployment of pre-integrated HR solutions (including SnapHire and CVCheck), where customers are able to assemble their own HR ecosystems by installing the pre-connected apps of their choice.

Talent App Store solves one of the biggest HR technology challenges facing employers today – that while more and more exciting and innovative HR technologies appear on the market every week, accessing and integrating them into their HR technology stack is a slow, painful and expensive experience.

Talent App Store brings solution vendors and customers together in a first of it’s kind ‘click to install’ marketplace.

Need help?

If you need any help ordering your checks or would like to learn more about CVCheck’s integration with SnapHire, book a consultation with one of our background screening experts.