RealMe is the future of identity verification in New Zealand, making it easy for people to access and use online services offered by government and private sector organisations through the use of a fully verified government-backed digital identity.

CVCheck was the first background screener to integrate with RealMe, providing customers with the peace of mind and convenience to securely verify their identity while completing background checks on our online platform.

What is RealMe?

There are two services – RealMe login and RealMe verified.

Created to build trust and confidence in digital identity across government and business in New Zealand, the RealMe login service allows users to access multiple services online using one username and password.

RealMe verified is a fully verified form of digital identity, meaning identities are checked against verified documents held by the NZ Department of Internal Affairs, the entity that owns and manages passports, births, deaths, and marriages documentation.

CVCheck integration with RealMe

CVCheck’s integration with the RealMe digital identity platform ushers in a new era of security and convenience for our customers. Applicants can now use RealMe to verify their identity 100% online, without the need to supply copies of physical identification documents. The RealMe identity verification method is available on the following checks offered by CVCheck:

RealMe identity verification will be available on additional checks in the future as further integration work is completed.

Your RealMe Questions Answered​

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs has published an extensive Help resource to answer questions you may have about setting up and using RealMe.

In addition, we have answered the most common questions we receive about using RealMe to digitally verify your identity when completing a background check through CVCheck.

If you have related questions, please contact us.