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Applying for a job with a verified CV does two important things – it helps the employer trust you and it makes you more immediately employable. Stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of landing that interview.

Your job application has one main job – to land you an interview. Including CVCheck verified information on your CV is the best thing you can do to stand out, build trust and get more interviews.

  • Land more interviews, stand out from the crowd
  • Give employers the confidence to hire you with verified information they can trust
  • Keep your results for life – never lose a reference check or qualification certificate again
  • Complete flexibility – share the results you want, with who you want for free

What Are Employers Looking For?

As you probably know, employers who are hiring new staff receive a lot of job applications. To have the best chance of being selected for an interview, it helps to understand what employers are looking for.

One of the first things they may do is scan through each CV they receive looking for a reason to reject it. Then they might take the time to read ones that interest them in a little more detail. Capturing their attention at this stage can be a crucial step in avoiding the rejection pile.

How Can CVCheck Help?

When your CV includes CVCheck verification of your work history and qualifications, it gives employers exactly what they are searching for and captures their interest.

Since your CV is verified, the employer knows they can trust what they read, and it shows that you’re taking the application seriously. It also makes you one of the easiest applicants to employ because your information is already verified, saving the employer from having to do this themselves.

What Is Added To Your CV?

Any check results that you order for yourself, or that are ordered for you by an employer are securely stored in your personal CVCheck account for you to access at any time.

Any or all of these results can be included in a special kind of link that is then added directly into your CV. For example, if you have verified your qualifications and the past three roles you were employed in, a link to these completed checks can be placed in your CV for an employer to view.

We also give you a professionally designed badge as an image that you can insert into your CV. This serves two purposes – to highlight your verifications to the employer and let them know that these are official CVCheck results that the employer can trust.

What If Things Change?

The good news is that when you verify your previous experience or qualifications, they are available in your account for life. This is a free service. All you would ever pay for after that are any additional verifications you may need (for example if you change jobs or need a more current Police Check). You can also choose to remove certain checks from appearing on the link or delete the link all together at any time if you no longer want that person to be able to view them.

It’s free to sign up and free to keep your account open. Why not sign up today and see how we can help you to manage your career or stand a better chance of landing that next job.

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