Terms and Conditions Changes

We will soon be making some changes to the CV Check terms and conditions. 

Here is a summary of what is changing and why:

  1. We have made it clear that the reference to CV Check Ltd (CVCheck) includes all its subsidiaries, including CV Check (NZ) Ltd, and updated our office addresses.
  2. Changes have been made to update references to the current privacy legislation in New Zealand, Privacy Act 2020 (NZ).
  3. We have inserted clause 3.2 to make it clear when, and the circumstances in which, CVCheck may pass on additional charges levied for a Service by a particular third-party source.
  4. Clause 4.1 has been updated to more clearly state CVCheck’s current invoicing practices.
  5. Clause 6.3 has been changed to refer to clients abiding by an industry standard for privacy, rather than trying to match CVCheck.
  6. Clause 8.3 has been updated to clearly state, when changes to CVCheck’s Corporate Terms and Conditions are made and notification of those changes is given on CVCheck’s Website, that a Client cannot proceed to place an order without acceptance of the changes made.
  7. Clause 9.5 has been inserted to apply a commercially appropriate cap on the liability of both parties.
  8. Clause 10.1 has been deleted, as this merely acknowledged that CVCheck may wish to name a Client on its Website or display the Client’s logo. The following clauses make it clear how and when CVCheck may refer to a Client on its Website or use a Client’s logo. Therefore, Clause 10.1 was superfluous.
  9. Clause 12.2 has been deleted, as it was inconsistent with terms commonly agreed with corporate clients.
  10. Clause 16.1 the reference to a Notice, in relation to changes CVCheck’s Corporate Terms and Conditions, being valid if it is posted on CVCheck’s Website has been deleted. Clause 8.3 now makes it clear that a Client cannot proceed to place an order without acceptance of the changes made. Therefore, the reference in clause 16.1 was superfluous.
  11. Clause 18 (f) makes it clear that CVCheck’s Cancellation and Exchange Policy is published and where it is located.
Detailed information on changes made can be made available to clients on request. Please contact CVCheck Client Services if you require this information.

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