Ministry of health: Health, District Health & Disability Sector Children’s Worker Safety Checks

CV Check (NZ) Ltd are contracted by The Ministry of Health to provide Children’s Worker Safety Checks. To learn more about the legislation and CVCheck’s role in the industry, please see our Children’s Worker Safety Checks page.

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If you are a health, district health or disability sector employee and require a Children’s Worker Safety Check, start here to get details of the checks you require and instructions for ordering these through CVCheck.

For other sectors, ministries or general employment, please see our Children’s Worker Safety Check page to find the correct checks.

Who needs to be checked?

As the provider of the Service, CV Check (NZ) Ltd will complete independent third party safety checks on specific groups of children’s workers in the health & disability sector. These safety checks involve gathering a range of key information about a person and evaluating this information to determine whether they pose any risk in being employed to work with children.

If you work within the health & disability sector, you may need to obtain a Safety Check if you work within or provide any of the following services:

1. Regulated Health Services (including)

  • Services provided at a public hospital.
  • Services provided at a publicly-funded medical practice or facility, including blood and cancer centers, treatment centers, outreach clinics, and mental health services.
  • Services provided through medical practices belonging to primary health organisations (PHOs).
  • Services provided by health practitioners.
  • Well Child / Tamariki Ora services (eg. Plunket).
  • Home-based disability support services.
  • Residential disability support services.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Maternity services, including lead maternity carers and midwives.

2. Self-employed, sole practitioners & owner operators – Cross Agency Independent Safety Check Service (including)

  • Maternity service providers, funded under the Notice made under section 88 of the NZ Public Health and Disability Act 2000 Primary Maternity Service Notice for the provision of Maternity Services.
  • GP owner operators
  • Owner operator Dentists contracted under the Combined Dental Agreement

3. Trainees or Students

Following the completion of the check, CV Check (NZ) Ltd will provide applicants with a report regarding the outcome of their check, keep a record of the check on our database and let workers know when they need to be re-checked*. Under the Act, children’s workers are required to have safety checks completed every three years.

For more information, see The Ministry of Health’s announcement here or visit our Children’s Worker Safety Check page.

*Please note: If you are employed in the health and disability sector under the Ministry of Health and require a Children’s Worker Safety Check, it is a requirement that the Ministry of Health have access to your check results. When you complete your Children’s Worker Safety Check, CV Check (NZ) Ltd will automatically share the results of your check with the Ministry of Health for 90 days. You will have the opportunity at checkout before completing your checks to authorise CV Check (NZ) Ltd to share your results with the Ministry of Health. Rest assured, we take your privacy very seriously. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, or you can view our Privacy Policy here.